November/December 2020 Infant & Maternal Health Newsletter

Jan 22, 2021

This is the combined Nov/Dec 2020 edition of the Infant & Maternal Mortality Prevention Policy Work Group (IMMPP) of Raise Colorado.

As we end the year we wanted to share words by Shafia Monroe:

“Even amid all the noise of elections, the pandemic, and social movements, this is the time to stop, breathe, and recuperate. Nature slows down in winter and so should we, when and where we can. The dormancy of the plants and animals is not a time of vulnerability, but of wisdom – they conserve energy for renewal. This season, go within, reflect on your success, and find a way to celebrate all that you have accomplished – everything counts, the micro and macro.

The serious issues for our communities have not been resolved. Your voice and work will remain essential in the new year to improve birth outcomes and maternity care services and to diversify the midwifery and doula professions.

Please take this month to reflect on your successes and rest.
– Shafia Monroe

Birth In COVID19:

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Who are we highlighting:

You have completed the year 2020, and we couldn’t be more thankful that you are here. In the words of Adrienne Marie Brown:

“you are enough

your work is enough

you are needed

your work is sacred

you are here

and I am grateful”.

Thank you for all the ways YOU show up for your community. We deeply appreciate your leadership in infant and maternal health.

If you have work that you’d like highlighted – or other’s work and or have community events/opportunities that you want to share in our monthly newsletter please reach out to Kayla with your content

The IMMPP team with Raise Colorado